Remembering the departed is a Christian duty. God wants all souls to be saved.

Let our service of kindness, humility, meekness and longsuffering (Colossian 3:12) be for the living and the dead.

Amazing grace will bring the souls near the light of Jesus Christ. From darkness to the light. We join together in prayer and

….your heart will rejoice, and your joy no one will take from you” (John 16:20)

This was the theme of the District Apostle’s visit to Myanmar. The leading priestly Brothers, gathered on Saturday 30th July at our Yangon Church for a one day seminar. “if the Lord Jesus asked to pray for workers for the plentiful harvest (Matthew 9: 37–38) then there still must be disciples to be found to help along” the District Apostle elaborated. Indeed there is still much potential in this country of Myanmar where everything goes into a promising direction. Sunday Divine Service was based on the bible word of Luke 8:16. Light is most effective from above. We know that from practical life.

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14/15th November 2015.  For many years today’s retired Apostle, David Thang labored and established congregations in his native Chin State and many other areas in northwestern Myanmar, near the Indian Border. Yet the Church activities were highly restricted and Foreign Brother among them also  District Apostles could only visit a very few congregations besides the capital Yangon. Continue reading

Some 1000 Christians in Myanmar believe in the doctrine of today’s Apostolate active in the New Apostolic Church for over 30 years.

Started by Canadian Missionaries the Myanmar NAC is today incorporated in the Regional church of South East Asia.

We invite you to our Divine Services at Yangon Church. Come and see and hear the word of God.