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These are unusual times: sometimes we have divine service, sometimes we do not; sometimes we celebrate Holy Communion, sometimes we do not celebrate it. This raises questions, in fact, so many that I cannot even answer them all.

One of these questions is: Is Holy Communion no longer as important as it used to be? My answer is clear: Holy Communion is still as important as it used to be! It is a sacrament of Christ’s church and thus a divine gift of grace for us human beings.

Let me remind you of the people of Israel. At the time, God led His people into the desert. There was nothing there. If God had not provided manna for them they would have died. They were completely dependent on God in this matter. He gave them manna every day, which they had to eat that same day. Anyone who wanted to put anything aside for the next day discovered that it had spoiled overnight. Only on the sixth day did God provide a double portion. It was the same manna, but they could save it for the seventh day and eat it then.

God wanted to show the people: I will take care of you! When I give you, you ought to take. And what I give you is always enough. It is the same for us. We have trust, however, we must learn to trust God even more: in His love, His care, and His omnipotence.

Yes, we need Holy Communion. And we should take it every time God gives it to us. If He allows it that we cannot receive it, however, then He will make sure that the last Communion we received will last until we can receive it again. This is what I believe!

Heartfelt greetings,

Jean-Luc Schneider