Actually the purpose of the District Apostles visit to Myanmar was to introduce his successor. Thus his last trip but he was brought by the National Rector Sh. Matthew Thang to the Chin State where until recently no foreigners were permitted to visit. What was planned as a “last” became “first“. Way up in the remote areas of the hills of Thangmual we have congregations for over 30 years. All were founded and cared for by the Apostle David Thang, today retired.

A warm welcome, with much singing was offered by the Tui Thang congregation to the District Apostle and his party, the DAH Edy Isnugroho, Apostle Fred Wolf and Bishop Samuel Tansahtikno. The sermon was based on Matthew 4:4. Jesus was tempted with natural food.

He did not want to make miracle for his own benefit and refused the evil. Miracles are for the honour of God as the little bred and fish has served 5000” the DA elaborated. “Also you here, up in the mountains can feed only the natural body with your corn and other crops. The nourishment for eternal life is the word of God” He concluded.

Chin State is the home of many Christian communities who mark their territories with churches and crosses. The group continued their program of Divine Services in Kalemyo and the capital, Yangon. Even though some development in building and roads is coming up now, most of people still live in close relationship with nature and live of planting vegetables, diary and other agricultural produce of high quality. Staple food is corn.